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Okay, I posted this on Tumblr but I've been meaning to post it here ^^;
Obviously, it's not ALL the shows. I said I was going to do a part 2, but I don't really have my eye on any other shows except three others?

So yeah, here they are! Everything is based only on the first episode and opinions differ, yo.

Akuma No Riddle:

I’ve got to say the premise is what really got me to check this show out! Assassin Lesbians? Falls in love with person she’s supposed to kill? Hell yeah! However, the episode itself doesn’t seem THAT interesting, to be honest? It is a bit early to make an impression, but it seemed a bit rushed to me. Plus, introducing almost EVERY character you have is never a good sign. I predict that this show will only focus on the two main characters and will leave almost no character development for all the other classmates. It’s a shame too, some of them already seem more interesting than the main characters! Also, this is a just me thing, but I’m kinda tired of the innocent girl x serious girl pairing? I don’t know, it just seems like the only pairing that shows up in yuri/shoujo-ai anime.

It’s a hit and miss type of show, though I don’t exactly have high expectations for it.

First Impression Score: 5/10

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?

Well, uh, there’s not a lot to say about this show. It reminds me of Tamako Market in a weird way, only because the one bunny in the show has a deep man voice lol But that’s probably the only similar thing they have.

It’s basically just a generic moe/loli show. There’s already fanservice in the first episode and it’s not particulary too inetersting? It’s about a girl named Cocoa who moves into this rather pretty town and ends up moving into a residence that also doubles as a cafe. From there, she has crazy antics with the other girls who work there.  It’s cute, but if you’re not into moe shows, it’s probably best to just skip out on this one.

(But I must say the background music is BEAUTIFUL)

First Impression Score: 3/10

Gokukoku no Brynhildr

Ah Brynhildr! Its opening theme is hella catchy AND it’s made by the same people who brought you Elfen Lied! I was a bit surprised, I didn’t expect I would like Brynhildr THIS much. 

The beginning is interesting enough as main character Ryota tells us about his childhood friend, Kuroneko, who believes in aliens. Let’s just say a tragic accident happened and as we flash forward to the present, Ryota continues to look for aliens for her sake. The one day, a transfer student appears named Kuroha and she looks mysteriously like Kuroneko…

I won’t say much more, but I do appreciate the balance between a plot and story! Ryota isn’t a cowardly main character and Kuroha is pretty different from the typical emotionless anime transfer student. Plus, I LOVE the concept that they’re going with.

But isn’t it a bit suspicious  that it’s by Elfen Lied’s author and yet it’s not listed as horror? Hmmm….

I think the only thing I’m sure of is that this show will probably have us crying at the end.

First Impression Score: 9/10

Hitsugi No Chaika

Okay, when I first got into this show, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. But I like what I’m having so far! We don’t know too much about our characters yet but we are introduced to a strange girl named Chaika who carries around a coffin. It turns out she’s a magician with a special purpose and she ends up getting two siblings, Toru and Akari, to help her in a personal mission. Toru and Akari have a strange power of their own and I’m hoping we get background story on that!

Hitsugi no Chaika did a nice job in revealing enough information to keep you interested, but there’s a lot to keep you wondering about future events. We already have a pretty awesome fight scene in the first episode too! The visuals are lovely and the music is nice, so hey, it’s pretty decent all around. The only problem people might have is that Chaika’s speech pattern may come off as annoying to some?

Plus it’s animated by Studio Bones and Bones did a great job with Noragami last season! They’re also doing Captain Earth this season and in the past they’ve animated shows such as Ouran Host Club, Soul Eater, No.6, and FMA. It’s just one of those studios that have a really good rep!

All this makes a nice package. It’s a nice start, and I hope it continues to be this good!

First Impression Score: 8/10

Isshukan Friends

Ah, you always need a show to kick back and relax to and Isshukan Friends is your Spring show for that! It has a simple premise in which Yuki wants to become friends with his classmate, Kaori. However, Kaori’s happy memories excluding her family all disappear in a week. Yet Yuki keeps trying despite that and they become friends over and over again.

So far it’s a really sweet anime and the characters are very likable. The art style is also nice with soft colors and simple designs. It has its funny moments, the happy moments, and those sad moments too.

Again, this is probably going to be one of those anime that will get you crying in the end. I have a fear that the premise will get boring as time goes on, but for some reason, I can’t imagine that! It’s sweet and simple and sometimes, that’s all you need.

First Impression Score: 7/10

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

I’m just going to be straightforward.

This show kinda sucks. 

It’s such a pity too because it has magic made through technology and has a school set up for that. And the music is pretty! And the designs!

And yet the characters just HAD to be the typical anime tropes. Tatsuya is the typical cool big brother and Miyuki is the typical little sis character.

What makes it worse is that my friends and I predicted a lot of the show’s key elements just by the first episode alone.

If you get over the character tropes MAYBE it would be a good anime. Tell me if it is, I’m going to go ahead and drop this show!

First Impression Score: 3/10

Mekakucity Actors

First things first, I am NOT part of the Kagepro fandom and hardly know anything about it (except as always, I get spoiled anyway). It doesn’t exactly interest me that much either. Tumblr is going crazy over this anime though, so might as well check it out.

And uh

I’m not really sure what to say?

It’s done by SHAFT and I was expecting sweet animation but…

no not really

it’s probably the worse SHAFT has animated in a while. The backgrounds are really flat and of course the awkward scene switches. It’s probably to mimic the original PVs but…??? It’s like they wasted all their budget on animating Ene who had the best animation in the whole episode??

I have to praise the voice acting though, that’s pretty good.

But uh yeah

I don’t know what to say, maybe I should read the manga first?

I mean, I’m just more confused than anything. I don’t really want to find out more but…??

First Impression Score: ??/10

Selector Infected WIXOSS

Now THIS is probably the biggest surprise of the season! I read card game and I wasn’t too interested, but the premise looked interesting…

And then I got something that’s almost like a cross between Yu-Gi-Oh! and Madoka Magica. Yes, you read that right. 

We are introduced to main girl Ruko who is very similar to Madoka Kaname. She doesn’t exactly have friends, so one day her brother buys her a starter pack of the newest card game, Selector Infected WIXOSS (oh hey title drop!)

One of her cards can talk and has a personality of her own. She is now a Selector, a random group of girls who play to win in a sort of war between all of them. Whoever wins gets whatever wish they want granted.

I think the only flaw is that Selector Infected isn’t actually developed in the card game department? The card fights seem almost too short and the game itself isn’t explained too much.

It’s one of those shows that you’re not too sure how it’ll end up….but whatever happens, it’s sure to be good. 

First Impression Score: 8/10


So anyway, that’s it for now! So far, I’m probably going to stick with Brynhildr, Selector Infected, and Chaika with Isshukan Friends and the unlisted Happiness Charge Precure to the side but there’s always the chance for change.

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