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Detailed info w/ examples here: (Slightly outdated prices, the current ones are down there)

Full Body Sketch- 10 :points:
Add Character- +5 :points:
Simple Coloring- +5 :points:

Headshot w/ transparency- 15 :points:
LINELESS/PAINTING LIKE headshot simple bg - 30 :points:
Add Simple Background- +10 :points:
Add Character - +5:points:

Waist Shot w/ transparency - 25 :points:
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Add Character- +15 :points:

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Chibi w/ transparency - 20 :points:
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Anything super specific or detailed will cost more points!!

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Ask about...

Please ask if you have any questions!

Please note me your commission info first!! You will pay half in the beginning and I will send you sketches of progress if needed. After the drawing is done, please pay the remaining half!

Do take note that I have to right to refuse any commission if I feel uncomfortable or if it's too beyond my skill level

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I wanted to get this up yesterday, but it didn't happen.

ANYWAY, with the contest ending, now it's the exciting part! PLACINGS!!
The main things I prioritize in the contest are these three:
-How detailed the world was
-How it ties in with DTA
-How in depth the character was
Bonus: How would the character live independently?

I don't really prioritize one over the other since you need all three rely on each other. Basically, I judged the entries on who did all three better.
I have to say that judging was REALLY hard and I had to get some help from :iconpixieparrot: and a few others with deciding who did what better. This was also created to make the contest as unbiased as possible. Though of course, in the end, I get the final word and I'm a bit nervous about it actually!
Oh and take note that the prizes are slightly modified to better fit the slight change in number.

Drum roll please!

Honorable Mention aka 4th place if I had one: 

Nanna (Contest) by erpae
Nanna by :iconerpae:
Extra info: How Does Title? (Contest: World Building) Nomads (Contest: World Building)
Reasoning: Okay the PLACING WAS SO SO SO CLOSE. NANNA COULD'VE BEEN THIRD. Though Nanna is very in depth, backstory and world wise, the personality and interactions seem to lack a bit of that. Honestly, I thought Nanna was pretty much tied with third place but third place beat em by a sliver.
I appreciate all the detail Nanna had, but as always, more detail would be great!! With work, Nanna will have a very interesting story.

Congrats Erpae! You've won the following prizes:
A chibi from me
A sketch from Pikachewy99
A sketch from yasminopalcaster
Pixel icon by Misspeggy11
25 :points: from kittyalyst
10 :points: from yasminopalcaster

Terrific 3rd Place

JUSS' LOUNGING IN THE SNOW by Misspeggy11HOLY CRAP by Misspeggy11
Drubee from :iconmisspeggy11:

Reasoning: Drubee is! His world is great, using science to back it up. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when people use science to back up the worlds! The world was explained in great detail and it made sense. Seriously, those type of worlds make me SO HAPPY!!!
Drubee himself is an interesting character. He's a drug addict, but decides to change for the better once he gets involved with DTA. The person changing once they meet with DTA is something I wanted to see in DTA. Also, Peggy actually drew out an interaction featuring her characters and mine! Drubee's interaction with Chris is simply adorable and very in character.
However, though Drubee is a fun character, he could benefit from more detail. The same detail applied to the world is not present in the character himself. There's also some gaps in the reality, such as no presence of relapse and the timing seems to be a little fast paced. Drubee is also missing quite a few characters in his DTA relationships. 
There's also a lack of a canon story, which I'm a bit disappointed with. Drubee would be a great star of his own story!
The basics of a character is there, but more work could be needed, though only regarding the character himself. 
BUT, I have to say the rankings got really close!! Read on to find out..

Congrats Peggy! You've won the following prizes:
1 chibi from me
10 Points donated by yasminopalcaster
Sketch by Pikachewy99
100 Points donated by kittyalyst
Sketch by Hawkpath4ever
1 chibi by UltraViolatte
Sketch of 3rd Place winner by yasminopalcaster

Stunning 2nd Place

-CE- Sally the Pirate and Shrimp the Sloth by UltraViolatte
Sally by :iconultraviolatte:

Reasoning: Sally is one of my personal favorites design wise, but we're not here about that. We're here for the character.
Sally's story is very fun and she's just a fun character in general. Plus Sloth? Best! I also really liked the concept of a society in which technology is seen as evil and DTA trying to stop other dimension travelers...which is actually canon, but hey.
Her backstory was also well thought and unique and her personality is for the most part, complete. She's ALMOST ready for a story. Almost, but not quite there! DTA wise, the interactions are in character for the most part. Despite being someone the run, through disguises and with the fact that DTA is trying to catch her, she still manages to have a sort of relationship which each one.
However, placing Sally at 2nd is due to the fact that her story seems incomplete. To improve, it must be necessary to ask more in depth questions about the character and filling in holes in the logic. The world could also need a bit more detail and explanation.
Compared to Peggy, I have to admit Peggy had the better and detailed world. But since we also consider character and interactions, Sally had a more complete entry, especially with relationships that were more thought out.
With a little of effort, Sally could have a wonderful story of her own.

Congrats Vio! You've won the following prizes:
1 waist shot from me
50 Points donated by yasminopalcaster
1 full body picture  by Pikachewy99
125 Points donated by kittyalyst
Sketch by Hawkpath4ever
1 colored sketch by ShadowFelis
Pixel Icon by Misspeggy11

Fabulous1st Place

ME okay jk no
Ashes by Pikachewy99
Vito by :iconpikachewy99:

Reasoning: Honestly, picking first place was the easiest for me. It was a no-brainer that Vito would win. Though not completely obvious by the description itself, Vito is a heavily detailed character. Attached to Vito was a Google Doc with all that lovely world building, personality, and DTA interactions. 
That Google Doc was 28 pages long.
Quantity does not necessarily mean quality, but in this case, it meant everything. Vito's world, Arvensis, is very descriptive. Not only is  it backed up with scientific facts, it also had several details that made the world more realistic. There were three species, each one well thought out; All of them had looks, culture, abilities, language, and a habitat. You could tell that EVERYTHING was well thought out. 
But then you get to Vito himself, who was unique in which he has both a DTA path AND an independent canon route. Both versions very different thanks to all the character interactions they both have. DTA!Vito is left timid and cowardly, choosing to be isolated from any dangers in the world. He has a closeness with Laurelle though that didn't sacrifice any other possible relationships with the others. He truly interacted with everyone and had a story of his own. He wasn't just someone who was there, you could truly believe he was part of DTA. Canon!Vito is another story. This time, he's forced to face the danger of his own world. However, he doesn't do this alone. Vito is backed up with canon characters, all ready to play their role in the story. With characters unique to both routes, Vito is good enough to be part of DTA AND carry a story of his own. The creator having a story good enough that they'll continue it is what I hoped for in the contest and Chu did that exactly.
Though there may be a few small flaws regarding personality, the hard work Chu put in deserves to be recognized. Also ya'll should def get the google doc link and read it because it's some sort of amazing

Congrats, Chu! You've won the following prizes:
1 full body picture from me
100 Points donated by yasminopalcaster
250 Points donated by kittyalyst
Drawing of winning OC by PixieParrot
Sketch by Hawkpath4ever
1 chibi by UltraViolatte
1 headshot by ShadowFelis
1 female character drawn by LyingLexa 
Pixel Icon by Misspeggy11
Vito being welcomed into DTA canon

Contest donators! Please contact the winners...or well the contestant can too. Just make sure the prizes get to the people!!

And that's it! Please congratulate every winner and check everyone out! Hopefully my reasoning make sense? If anything seems off, please tell me! I can also explain why you DIDN'T place so comment/note me if you want to know!
Thank you everyone for entering!! <33
See you next year! next year's contest is already planned out lolol
also did I tell you that all the entries will get something?? possibly?? hmmm

Other entries:
Contest Entry: Lochspin Drachhorn by AzailiathefoxWho's that boy? by Hawkpath4everCE: Broker by kittyalystContest Entry Cyril by ShadowFelisKnock It Off, Victoria! by yasminopalcaster DTA: An Experience Like No Other...I had never thought that I would find myself in an organization which is called DTA, which is the abbreviated name, the actual name is: Dimension Travelers Association.
How I ended up there was quite the experience like no other…
I had just gotten back from buying a few things from a grocery store as I then began to put everything away as I had then sighed, as I now lived on my own for a couple of months although it had felt years as I do occasionally visit my parents but never any friends as I sadly do not have any.
Whenever I do get the feeling of loneliness, which varies, I then go and visit my parents as they usually make my feeling of loneliness vanish into thin air.
So, I then grabbed out my iPhone 4 as I called their home phone to then tell them that I would be coming over, as they were now used to the fact that I come over whenever I felt alone.
They didn’t live that far from where I was, so I usually walk over toward their house as I had then put my phone back in m

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